“Fleurie Édenique”

Catégorie :
  • Oils of natural origin are the basic components
  • the innovative formula is enriched with Vitamin E and powerful antioxidant well known for their calming effect
  • Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes, calms your skin and improve its elasticity
  • Sesame Oil improves skin’s texture and helps to reduce signs of aging
  • prevents skin’s peeling and other signs of excessively dry skin
  • easily absorbed
  • protects the skin from free radicals
  • leaves your skin pleasantly fragranced (Sweet Almond and Сamomile)
  • for professional salon use and massage treatment
  • for all skin types
  • paraben free

Regular usage of “Fleurie Édenique” Multifunctional Body Oil makes your skin more moisturized, soft and improves its well-being.

Our recommendations:

  • For professional massage.
  • For ordinary massage at home.
  • For daily care: after a shower or bath apply regularly on dry skin a necessary amount of oil gently massaging.
  • For aromatherapy: add 30ml of oil  to a bathtub filled with water and relax.
  • For Spa-treatment to complete Anticellulite Bénéfique” Mineral Body Scrub’s effect.

The results are amazing: your skin is soft and pleasantly fragranced.