KosMystik is a new approach using cosmetic products based on a conscious understanding that health and beauty of the body are inseparable from the beauty of the soul. The skin condition of our skin is closely linked to our psyche, activity and relationships therefore there is need for radical change of our daily routine.

1-1100 % original source guaranteed
Our trade-mark guarantees the quality and authenticity of our products (to our customers) with such an essential composition of the mineral ingredients for body care and using it  is like being taken back to the source despite the distance.

1-2A unique concept of association and dosage of ingredients

Due to the variations in the epidermises covering the different parts of our bodies, the appropriate dosage of ingredients has been perfected so that each of our products is perfectly adapted. This is possible because of development and specific research on the epidermis.

1-3Price available to everyone
Due to the ethical principle of minimizing costs and carefully selected, practical, and economical packaging of the whole range (gamma), KosMystik products are available to everyone.
1-4More than cosmetics
Our range of cosmetic products is accompanied by music that has been selected and tested in a natural environment by our makers. This allows a full psychic and somatic cure that takes place in a serene and pleasant atmosphere, because we mustn’t forget that most of the symptoms of stress come from noise aggression.

1-5KosMystik team is ready to hear you out
Our team is enthusiasts, highly professional and motivated.