Sodom & Gomorrah

Since ancient times our ancestors did not consider that the Dead Sea was dead. The wise and observant named this water surface, with an area of 1,000 km2, “The Salt Sea”.

Located at around 400 meters below the depth of the sea, this basin is the lowest point on the planet and represents the widest salt lake on the Earth.The average level of salt in the Mediterranean is between 4 – 8% and the salinity of the Dead Sea is between 22 – 25% which is 7 times saltier than the Mediterranean.

However, according to the Bible, this damned country used to be a flower garden, which was filled by game and fish, water, and magnificent vegetation.

And exactly here, as the legendary bible parable narrates-  it was destroyed the two wicked cities of Sodom (sodium – sodium?) and Gomorrah (Hebrew Amora-ammonium?) were sunk in the stream of sulfur and salt by  God’s fury.

♦ The ancient Curse

♦ This area used to be a flowerer garden

♦ The Edomites

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The ancient Curse

Could it be one of the reasons why “The Valley of the Minerals” is also mentioned in the Bible?

But where is the meaning of this legend hidden?

How can we make it relevant to the present, or interpret it in a modern?

Has the ancient curse become a blessing today, as it seems?

This area used to be a flowerer garden

It is a huge, dull and desolate area of highly dense salt water but at the same time it represents an amazing reservoir of energy, health and tranquility.

The combination of macro-and microelements of this salt “cocktail” is a natural manna for human kind.

The wonderful waters of the Dead Sea contain an impressive number of elements, such as magnesium chloride, potassium bromide and ammonium.

They are essential for the treatment of many skin diseases and cellular turnover which is very necessary for our body.

The Dead Sea was also known as «The Sea of the Rising Sun” and «The Sea of Kos» 2000 years ago before the birth of Jesus.

Why it was named The Sea of Kos? Because the God named Kos was a benefactor of the Edomites, one of the ancient Hebrew tribes. The ocher-colored Edom mountain located in the southwest near the Dead Sea and hanging over all their possessions gave the name to the Edomites, meaning in Hebrew “red”.

The Edomites

The salt mountains of Edom sometimes cover the Dead Sea with a copper-red hue.

The Edomites are well-known under the name of the Nabateans who not only built the great town of Petra (translating from Greco-Latin to Hebrew as Red Montain) but also became famous as the first merchants of the ancient cosmetics; all sorts of ointments, creames and perfumes which were then given to queens and shepherdesses, rulers and ordinary people too.

And who or what is Kos (Cos)?  None other than the mystical God, the creator of the first cosmetics manufacturer of sea salt.

100 % original source guaranteed

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Kos Mystik  has created a new concept of global body care products for women based on the latest trends, authenticity, and 100% guarantee of original source. We have named our brand Kos (Cos) after the name of the glorious God of the Dead Sea, the source of life and the foundation of all cos-metics.