Taking care of your skin is taking care of your life

Cosmetic products that caress the soul

The minerals

The epidermis

Protect yourself against external aggressions for your health, beauty, and the wellbeing of your body and mind

Anatomy and role (primordial) of the ear

Music heals the body and soul

Hydration, skin ageing and cell renewal

The osmotic bath

The Dead Sea

Taking care of your skin is taking care of your life

Noticing the link between what is happening in the body and what is happening in your life, going directly to the source of the psycho corporal and energetic problem.

The Kosmystic products are complementary to classic verbal and manual medical healing techniques. Through listening, touching (physical, psychological and energetic), verbal and corporal expression, sensations and emotions are received to counteract pain and fatigue, to cure them and retrieve the vital energy (through a cure composed of vital elements), which helps to develop belief in oneself and in life.

Feeling good in one’s skin:  The cosmetics are substances or products that are put into contact with various superficial parts of the human body, in a general or specific manner, to clean them, correct them or maintain them. What’s more they have a beneficial effect on the psychological and emotional state of individuals.

Cosmetic products caress the soul

The products applied to the skin enable  individuals to adapt, defend and express themselves and to communicate, to act and to treat themselves.

A beauty product’s action is not just external: It colours internal life. It has been proved that taking care of the skin alone stimulates natural defences. Just like a day in the sun can influence the mind and stimulate the body, hygiene and beauty products contribute to improving body image, which is then reflected in the eyes of others.

The reason why we have to take care of our skin is because every day it is submitted to various aggressions. The skin can defend itself by using detection, protection and defence systems that are put in place in the dermis and epidermis. To play these roles it has to maintain its integrity by repairing itself.

The minerals

The minerals enter the profound composition of all the bodily tissues. They can be found in huge quantities in structures like bone, teeth, nails, but also muscles and blood…

Minerals are present in the form of salts (sodium chloride, calcium phosphate) and ions known other wise as anions, which hold a positive charge, or captions which hold a negative charge (iron, potassium…). Certain minerals like chloride, magnesium and calcium are more present than others in the body. We call them the oligoelements; amongst them can be found chrome, zinc manganese and copper.

Despite their small dosage, they are essential to the organism. The magnesium is necessary to numerous functions in the body. But it is especially known to preserve the nervous and muscular balance. It breaks the stress spiral and helps achieve interior calm.

The vicious cycle of stress

The epidermis

The epidermis is the uppermost layer of skin, which is formed by dead keratinised cells. The epidermis (of the Greek etymology “epi” above and “ derma “ skin) designates the epithelial tissue that covers the dermis.

The epidermis is not irrigated by any blood vessels. A diffusion process starting in the dermis nourishes the cells that form it. It contains many nerve endings. The epidermis is extremely thin, only about a millimetre thick. This varies according to the parts of the body, for example it is thicker on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet this is due to the thickness of the layer of cornea).

There are no two identical skins: the skin is a living organ but it is also a material formed by many layers that differ with age, gender and ethnic origin.

The epidermis is composed of five layers of cells or stratums.  From the outside towards the inside, these are named

◊ Stratum cornuem

◊ Stratum licidum

◊ Stratum granulosidum

◊ Stratum spinosum

◊ Stratum basal


Know how to protect yourself against external aggressions to preserve your health, beauty and the wellbeing of your mind and body.

The health and beauty of the body are inseparable to those of the mind. To preserve good health you have to avoid all aggression and stress. We recognise the importance of chronic stress in the genesis of discontent and bodily disorder. The stress also comes from the ears, as sound is first and foremost a sensation.

The nervous fibres transmit signals to the brainstem and to the audtive cortex of the brain. The sound doesn’t exist outside of our brains, we  create its existence by interpreting it. A sound is a physical phenomenon and is linked to our conscience. If the conscience transmits a positive emotion then the sound will be perceived as positive and the body will benefit from it.

Source = propagation= detection by the ear = processed by the brain

If the outer world is perceived as aggressive for the ear, then the brain will interpret it as being harmful for the body.

The brain has the ability to inhibit and select between positive and negative messages

If the brain inhibits bad information it shall only perceive positive information through the ears. Perception of positive information = wellbeing and delay of ageing.

Kosmystik = anti-ageing= capture only positive information= positive perceptions and emotions= corporal feeling= feeling of wellbeing.

Anatomy and main roles of the ear

The ear contains three parts

The external ear, containing the pavilion and the auditory canal, is protected by an elastic membrane  (like the skin of a drum)

The middle ear containing the ossicles linking the eardrum to the fenestra, which ensures the transmission of vibrations from the eardrum. It presents itself as a cavity prolonged by the Eustachian tube at the front and the pharynx at the back. With each swallow it ensures equal pressure between the middle and external ears, this is indispensable to the mobility of the eardrum; its obstruction by adenoid vegetation can be a source of infections such as otitis in children. A blockage caused by a cold can also diminish hearing capacity.

The back of the middle ear communicates with the mastoid cells, which are carved in the temporal bone; the infection of these cells is called mastoiditis.

The internal ear whose complex form is shown on figure 1. It contains a rigid cavity in the form of the bony labyrinth in which floats a supple and hollow organ of a similar shape: the membranous labyrinth. It contains two types of liquid, the endolymph and perilymph.

Two parts form the labyrinth: the cochlea and the vestibule.

The membranous vestibule contains two rounded cavities, the utricle and the saccule, and three semicircular canals, which are situated in three perpendicular planes. Its role is essential in retaining balance.

The vestibular receptors perceive gravity and the disposal of the semi circular canals is linked to three-dimensional space. If our head is in an unusual position, the vestibular influx will rectify this through the reflex tract. Without his labyrinth, a man wouldn’t be able to stay standing.

The vestibular receptors can also perceive acceleration, meaning positive or negative variations in speed. This explains the troubles we have spinning around or at the stop or start of an elevator. The dizziness is due to the movement of the endolymph and the resulting excitation of the receptors. However we are unaffected by a constant speed (zero acceleration).

The cochlea has the shape of a small snail of which the spiral is about two and a half turns. Two membranes divide the cavity in three parts: the vestibular ramp, which leads to the oval window, the tympanic ramp, which leads to the round window.

The cochlear canal is situated between the two ramps and encloses the endolymph. A thick membrane, the basal membrane that separates the cochlear canal from the tympanic ramp, supports the cochlear receptor or organ of Corti.

The cochlear and vestibular nerves unite to form the auditory nerve or V11 nerve. There are around 30000 nervous fibres in each ear. These fibres transmit signals to the brain stem and auditory cortex. Cochlear receptors and audition: the chain of ossicles transmits the vibrations of the eardrum to the oval window whilst amplifying them.

Music heals the body and soul

Cure through music.

The judicious use of music as a basic therapeutic tool that re-establishes, maintains or improves the mental, physical and emotional health of a person

The aim is to provoke a pleasant emotional state and to fight against certain forms of pain and ill being.

Considering the effect that music has on the central nervous system, it helps to relax oneself and reduce stress.

Hydration, skin ageing and cell renewal

Hydration is essential which is why all products from the Kosmystik range deliver a high level of hydration to the skin as they contain minerals and other known active ingredients. The organism contains about two thirds of water which is why water has a vital role in your health and well being.

It contributes to the elimination of waste and toxins in the body and helps to maintain a supple and elastic skin. The aging of the skin is a complex phenomenon, which cumulates many manifestations at the level of skin cells (death, mutation and deterioration) and in the deeper layers of skin ( thickening and transformation of the deep layers and in particular the zone containing collagen)

However the most frequent manifestation of ageing is the loss of skin elasticity. This is a natural phenomenon. Cutaneous ageing is a genetically programmed process. Though, today it is possible to delay this ageing process.

We can protect the skin against the rays of the sun, maintain a perfect hydration, stimulate cell growth and fight against free radicals. The programme involves healing the body with a cocktail of mineral elements from the Dead Sea which enable the body to revitalise and delay skin ageing due to the easy absorption by the epidermis.

Cell renewal is one of the main functions of the Kosmystic products, which act on the skin by accelerating this renewal.

We know that psychic health is lined to physical health; stress levels in certain individuals verify this. Chronic stress can accelerate cell ageing.

The epidermis cells that form the skin are renewed every two weeks

Liver cells are renewed every 300 days. The average age of intestinal cells is 15 years. Cells of the visual organs aren’t renewed because they are of the same age as the individual.

All cells in the human body have a maximum age of 10 years. So why don’t they renew themselves infinitely? Because the stem cells, which are at the origin of renewal, get weaker with age and the accumulation of mutations deteriorates their information. This lets us think that stem cells make immortality impossible.

The osmotic bath

The principle: to add salt in a water solution will increase the osmotic pressure and simple organisms such as bacteria and protozoaries which are ill equipped to face this variation in environment shall be dehydrated and their development slowed or even stopped.

The osmotic pressure is defined as the minimum pressure that is needed to stop the passage of a solvent from a higher concentrated solution through a semi permeable membrane. The phenomenon is that simple organisms will get dehydrated and die because the water in which they will enter is saltier than the water in their body.

This is why a treatment based on salt is efficient against certain parasites. The salts from the Dead Sea are the result of 25 million years of nature’s work. They are obtained through natural evaporation and have appeasing, regenerating and purifying properties for the body and mind due to their unequalled richness.

Used as bath salts, they have an appeasing, reinforcing and purifying action, due to the richness in magnesium and brome, which are powerful natural sedatives. All in all, these salts enable different excedentary toxic substances from the body to be better evacuated whilst bathing through the natural phenomenon of osmosis, therefore facilitating the slimming of the body.

What is an osmotic bath?

Osmosis is a phenomenon that is observed when two different but compatible solutions are in contact

It happens in two phases, in the first phase there is water transfer from the least concentrated solution to the most concentrated solution (from the body to the bath water). In the second phase, the balance is restored in the opposite direction due to the passage of dissolved minerals from the least concentrated solution to the most concentrated solution (from the salt water to the body)

When you immerge a body in a 37-degree bath, the pores of the skin dilate and the blood flow accelerates due to the effect of the heat. An important transfer of water and waste takes place between the body to the bath water. A real cleansing of the epidermal tissues, which are gorged with impurities, takes place.

In the second phase, the high concentration of minerals and oligoelements of the Kosmystik bath salts pass from the bath water to the organism, brining all their benefits with them.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a haven for recharging one’s batteries

The hot water springs that gush there, bring us a complete source of oligoelements.

The components of the mud possess the property of being in suspension, which enables them to absorb important quantities of water and render elasticity and plasticity to the body.

The high content in magnesium and sulphur acts on the immune system.


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